Why only a handful of the Worlds population are millionaires?


I am not interested to become a billionaire. Yes, I have thought this out and doesn’t want to be a billionaire.
For years and years I wanted to find shortcuts to become rich. Too bad I end up with all the unwanted ideas that’l make me one. I am very fond of personal finance management methods and ideas to become rich. It has come to a point in me that I am sometimes frustrated when the monetary concerning matters does not happen on time in life. Still all that said there are enough and more times that my patience took over my egos because I still happily understands my boundaries. That’s my hunt to become a millionaire. I said I don’t want to become a billionaire because I know for sure I can’t. So why is there only a handful of millionaires compared to a 8 billion word population?

The best way to understand is to read the stories behind all these millionaires. My research shows that many are self made. Very few are rich by inheritance. It has took atleast a good 7-10 years to become one. Many of them have struggled some where in life. Been in debt and almost bankrupt. But they suddenly had got hold of something and that has worked for them to become these proud millionaires.

What I understand is that it’s the experience and it’s this society itself that creates a millionaire. They have been alone. They had less hours of sleep. They’ve had days that they live on only one meal. They didn’t buy whatever they saw. They had always tried to cut corners. And most of all they didn’t care what others thought. Because of that even others cared less for them. Basically they were allowed to do whatever they thought was right. Keeping away from all the unwanted “influencing people” made them work for themselves. They themselves transformed into proud millionaires.

Guess we can be too. All we have to do is mind our business and work hard for ourselves. Should not care what others think. Set goals and achieve them on time. Be financially disciplined and like it happened to all other millionaires you would be eventually transformed.

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