What a coincidence? Hmmm…. how often does this happen? People love and hate when this happens. Some even eagerly wait or even pray for something to at least happen by coincidence. So what exactly is coincidence?

Coincidence is suddenly happening of a non planned remarkable incident. Its a huge surprise. Since we all love surprises we love it and always expect it to happen. We hate it tpp if its not in our favor. Nevertheless sometimes we think it was something that was meant to happen.

In this world there are no events without a cause. For something to happen now, there would have been something or a series of events that happened before. There is always a cause and effect.

With that basis for a coincidence to happen there would have been an event or a series of events that would have eventually created it.

So why do we like and dislike coincidences?

The answer is human nature. We are a species who loves anything if its in our favor and hates it if otherwise. In my opinion nothing in life is meant to happen. All events are made to happen.

I strongly does not believe in coincidences. If anything of that nature happens i look at it and analyses it as to why it happened. When looked at the incident sharply, you will understand the series of events that would have possibly created it. I always find the connections. Even if i am not fully aware, a bit of research with the possible people who would have been part of it puts the pieces together. There is always a connection that leads to its start.

Can you create a coincidence?

Definitely. If its a series of events or a event that creates a coincidence you can always plan it and create a beautiful coincidence for someone. Trust me. It works.

Something to learn

Try to understand that everything happens because of a cause. Its always cause and effect. Most of the things happen because of something that you did in the past. Learn to accept things as real. Learn to accept things as how they are. Learn to live with it.

Please note that this is my personal opinion. Add your comments too, and it could make someone else feel better. These are things you can give without an expense.