The Fox and the Grapes

The fox and the Grapes

We all know the Fox and the Grapes Aesop’s Fable. If you have forgotten, its about a fox that tries to eat grapes from a vine, but cannot reach them. After many tries, without accepting defeat, he states that the grapes are sour and hence undesirable.

I was going through a list of countries with the highest suicide rates. (Click here for the list) Sad to say my country “Sri Lanka” is ranked at 4th place in 2015. Everyday on news, there is at least one death by suicide. New census should rank worst. Reason the website says unknown, but as i live here, i have identified that people does not want to accept defeat, does not want to think beyond, and face problems. They are very simple causes but the people in my country have become so lazy, that they think suicide is the best solution.

In this article, I invite you to think in a different way. Lets take the simple Aesop’s Fable that we all learnt when we were learning to read and write – The Fox and the Grapes.

In the story, the Fox simply walks away saying that the grapes were sour. He said this simply because he could not reach them. But i think this is a good way of accepting defeat. If something in life is not reachable, learn to walk away. Learn to take a few steps back. Also learn to call what you couldn’t reach as ” SOUR”. People might say or do differently to what you couldn’t have or what you screwed up with. But that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you have been gifted with a beautiful life. A life that you weren’t experienced in. But the society is so selfish that they accept only the ones that succeed. Learn this, that you need to be alive to succeed. Aesop’s only told the first attempt of the Fox. The Fox would have definitely tried again and succeeded.

Say you chose to quit this life by suicide. What is the guarantee that you have that you would be born again better. Are you planning to change that too if that’s worse. You are gifted with the highest intelligence a creature could posses. Every child born is better than the one before. So you were born gifted. The best gift you have is “LIFE”. Learn to value it, think beyond and live it with thrills that you could share and inspire.

If you cant reach something, or already in a deep crisis, call the situation “SOUR”. Convince your self that the situation is SOUR” and that you will run away from it for a while. Find the best getaway. Get out and start fresh from a different angle. Today might be gloomy, but tomorrow might have the best sunshine. Life is worth taking the adventure and last till you reach and hold the flag.


(P.S. – I was listening to a Buddhist discussion and this was discussed. I was enlightened and thought i should share. Please share.)