Anything becomes a surprise if it is spontaneous. When it’s good we laugh, feel happy, scream out, tears. When it’s bad we cry, feel sad, scream out, tears, laugh, etc.

Did I write correct or did u read correct. Yes, we both did it correctly. Don’t we do the same thing but with a different attitude.

I’m saying that we should change the attitude and make it spontaneous at anytime. Change it to only good attitude. The simplest thing that we can do spontaneously is smile. It’s so simple.

If you want to love somebody you can with a smile. If you want to hurt somebody you can with a smile. So a smile is so powerful. Smile gives the receiver the option to accept how ever they want. Let’s look at the bright side. Smiling is easy to do. One with your whole heart is easy to  on your face, mind and blood. Everything becomes pure. It basically costs you nothing. Doesn’t waste your energy. Doesn’t make u hungry. Good to your pocket. But anger burns you. Wastes your energy. Makes you hungry. Not at all economical. So it’s upto the receiver to decide to smile back or think differently.

All spontaneous moments if we can take things positively and put a smile on our faces we too can make other people’s spontaneous moments beautiful. Surprises will mean what they meant to be. Think about it.