There are some things in life that are difficult to understand. Too complex. Like those complex calculations at school that we didn’t want to put our mind into. We look at the problem in a complex manner that we usually forget the basics that are needed to do the calculation. The simple theories that needs to be incorporated. When we move forward doing the calculation we tend to get lost. Then suddenly a dead end and we figure out that we should start again.

So what happened? We simply wasted time. We have to start again. Simply because we didn’t think right. We didn’t utilize the simple theories to solve the complex calculation. So i believe that we should change the thinking first. The first impression always makes the difference.


Thinking right needs time. Time is always the thing that we say we do not have. In anything we should start late and finish first. Start late by figuring how you are going to use what you know correctly till the end. The simple theories that you know from the beginning to the end. When you have thought about everything, you have trained your mind to face the situation properly. You have given it lesser chances to panic. You have seen it to the end. You have cleared the path. You have driven all fears out of you.

I believe thinking right is actually a bigger quest than just a paragraph. The above is a simple technique that i use. But i have come across situations where this practice takes more time than what i have. You usually end up unsuccessful and blame it on yourself that you didn’t take time to think. So i think that the above is a good start. I will keep writing on this in time to come as my practices develop.

Feel free to add your comments on this thought and your personal experiences.