Hello world!

Welcome to my world. Lets be frank. This must be the 100th time that i set this blog up. I hope it happens this time. I will try and post alot of things as much often as i can. No commitments what so ever.

I’m much of a thinker than a doer. I get fed up of things when i do at a stretch. My mind runs wild and end of the day nothing will be completed. So if i dont post for sometime, its just that i am in another world. Working on this issue of mine and hope it will work this time.

I have a lot of things that an ordinary person would have done by now, but i haven’t. Its just that bad. Hope to write about life and the things that i experience. If you like any of my articles, please do tell the world.

So Keep in touch. Hope il come up with something soon. Cheers.

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