“Give” – The most valuable thought and how to do it right

Giving away rice

We all in our lives at some point would have felt pity at something and given something that was labeled “mine”. Have we been practicing the “Giving” habits right?

This I’m going to talk irrelevant of the religion. 

Giving is absolutely a good practice. It shows your boundaries through others. You give what you have and what the other doesn’t. This practice shows you what others struggle to get and shows the values of what you already own. As human beings we are made to collect. From birth we cry for things to make them ours. We plan to get what we don’t have. We even go the extra mile with good attitude or bad methods to get what we want. Sometimes when you already have something that others don’t you feel like giving it away, at least partially, to a person in need. No two words this is a habit that you should be saluted for. The more you give the better you get. It has proven beyond doubt with my life experiences.  

But looking at the habit, do you think you’ve been doing it right?

We know sometimes we worked hard for what we gave. Sometimes it could be years and years of hard work that paid off. But at one point we get this opportunity to give and we hesitate a moment and think whether we are capable of giving. Its true we should hesitate, because its you who knows how much you worked hard to achieving it. So somehow your heart convinces you and you gives some of it away. You are happy. But i have experienced that the struggle that you take to convince yourself to give does not actually pay off. The taker sometimes takes it and goes away even without a smile on their face. Or they don’t even sometimes say thank you. You suddenly feel that what you gave might have not made them happy and you tend to think about that and not be happy yourself. Sometimes it even turns out to hatred in your heart that you didn’t have enough or more to give away. Or hatred that people don’t have the courtesy to even say thank you. This is something that you don’t intentionally look forward to but its the nature of humans. I know three things happened in me. Firstly i gave what i owned and secondly i’m not happy about what i gave and thirdly i feel that strange sad lonely feeling. I’m pretty sure that you feel what you did was wrong.

So how can we overcome this. To get oneself convinced to give is actually a very high spirited state of mind. Its so pure that it feels like you no longer carry any burden. But what other people does, makes that state of mind damaged and hurt. It does a 360 degrees to become hatred and unpleasant. Lets look at this in a different angle –

What does the word “Give” mean? Its says “freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone)“. Freely here means without obligations. You have to teach yourself to give without any attachments to what you chose to gave. When no strings are attached you do not wish to see or make any changes. So no matter what becomes of what you gave is irrelevant in  your eyes. You just gave and you don’t own it anymore. How do you expect to control anything that you don’t own anymore? Learn to convince yourself that you don’t own it.

The following steps needs to be taken when you chose to give:

  1. Convince yourself 100% that you are willing to give it away.
  2. Give with open arms and a beautiful smile on your face.
  3. Once its given look in their eyes and smile again.
  4. Turn away and do not expect that person to say anything or give anything back.
  5. Just cherish your thought and re-visualize how you felt physically and mentally.
  6. Live in that thought for sometime.
  7. If you hear or see the taker complaining, just look away and live in your happy feelings only.
  8. Do not go to discuss anything about it with anybody. They might say things that you don’t want to hear.
  9. When you have free time later think about how you felt when you gave and try to live that moment again.

Living in that memory and moment later is very important because it’l make you love what you did and make you do more and cure you better.

If you follow those steps i guarantee that you will enjoy giving and always do it right.

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Please comment your ideas too. Will definitely help cure someone.