Dangerous Life that we have to deal with

Why were we born with family and friends? Why is there competition? Why is it that we think always enough is not enough? Why cant anyone leave me alone?

Haven’t you come across any of these problems? If you haven’t i think you should give it a thought. But i think many would have come across but never gave it a thought. These are problems that you basically would not be allowed to live without. Its part of life, but we should deal with it. Not literally but practically.

For life to be interesting, one has to feel life. One has to change. Into two three four….. many. Then they say life is interesting. Yes it is when many are with you, it always is interesting. This is what creates new things and competition. So we go behind money, build houses, buy new cars, show off, eat at best restaurants, post it on Facebook, Twitter, you name it. Tease a few close people. Prove you are ahead of competition. Some even would follow you to say that they would even want to be you. So we try our best always to work things out to be ahead of competition.

Life like all the good things have bad sides. You sometimes try hard but still loses the competition. Then it leads from one thing to the other and another. Like a standing card pack that falls one after the other. It eventually comes to a point where you can not hold it any more that you give up your whole life and stand still. You lose everything until you are wiped out. Wiped out of family, friends, competition and everything. Even wiped out by you yourself.

Both of these lives could happen to anybody. End of the day we don’t know whats there for us tomorrow. Let alone tomorrow even the next very minute. When the good happens everybody is there for you. When the bad happens even yourself gives up on you. One might think that this is what life is but i don’t think that it’s worth it. When we have we enjoy like maniacs. When we don’t we are okay even with plain bread alone.

This is a very dangerous life that we deal with. So dangerous that the very next minute is daunting. This is not what life should be. I think we have been doing it all wrong. There is a better way to life. A path of freedom, love and less miss fortunes. Better living patterns, well being with a better mindfulness.

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