About ME

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My name is Eesan Buddhika. I started this blog to teach my self the small things in life. The ones that we over look and do not account. I came into the understanding that everything in the smallest level makes a huge difference later. Usually we we look at everything as a whole but we always forget that there were many small things that added up to create the big picture.

By visualizing topics and content for this blog in everything that comes up in life will teach myself eventually the small things that i always used to miss. Like atoms are basics of life, i believe that understanding things on a basic level will make me a better person. Keeping it in mind would endure the moment. Writing what i kept in mind would allow me to rethink and fine tune it before transforming to words. What i transformed will be available for me and any readers to assist to become a good human being for your family, your society and to this world.

So this is the plan behind this blog. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed every moment!!

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Thank you