Is life predictable or not?

Have it occurred to you that sometimes you think that you knew that this would happen? It’s been the case most of the time that you are made aware of a situation in the the future. So is life predictable or is it just luck or something to know before hand?

This has actually happened to me many a times. But the sad part is that everything about the situation falls into place only when it has happened and you feel sad that even knowingly that you did not act beforehand. We believe that we are always warned when a bad thing happens to us, but to look at it clearly, we are warned before a good thing too, it’s just that we do not think about it after a good thing. We tend to enjoy and be happy and look forward to more. But when something bad happens we tend to worry, hesitate, be disturbed for sometime because we go through our mind to understand what went wrong. Then we realize that actually we had been warned prior. We tend to scold our selves for not listening to our thoughts. We harp on the mistakes that we did and cry over it.

Like in most cases, life too has its plus side and the minus side. We are born to nature and nature I believe has mastered the balancing act better than any of us. So when it shows us our future, it actually shows both the good and the bad. The positive thoughts and the negative ones both strike together. We are not good at distinguishing which is positive and which is negative. We choose either one. At this moment is where you make the decision. If you choose the positive, you experience good and if you chose negative, you experience bad. So either way, life is predicted and too sad we can’t read the correct thoughts before hand. We go through the event and later on realize that we felt that we were warned but simply ignored it, or say “I knew this would happen”.

Ps. These theories are mine. As far as I know I have not come across a research paper in this regard. I just sometimes put my mind to thought. But I know that my thinking would be useful for a person of similar interest.

Comment your thoughts too.

Hello world!

Welcome to my world. Lets be frank. This must be the 100th time that i set this blog up. I hope it happens this time. I will try and post alot of things as much often as i can. No commitments what so ever.

I’m much of a thinker than a doer. I get fed up of things when i do at a stretch. My mind runs wild and end of the day nothing will be completed. So if i dont post for sometime, its just that i am in another world. Working on this issue of mine and hope it will work this time.

I have a lot of things that an ordinary person would have done by now, but i haven’t. Its just that bad. Hope to write about life and the things that i experience. If you like any of my articles, please do tell the world.

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